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Hey there guys~!

I'm back from the dead mwhahahaa! Haaaa..Nah, I'm just joking around about that hahah XD I'm actually right now still in my Collage (YES I FREAKING LIVE THERE!) and....Is uhh..In this room that call 24 Hour Room for the students of the Collage or University to study up late at night so they won't bother their roommates or even their housemates to be in fact.

Well..After going to class at 10 in the morning until 5 something like that. I was well...Hmmm...Feel awesome but then again my roommate always slams the door when she shuts it and some fucking how...It annoys me...Yes...Especially when I was awesomely sleeping then suddenly...BAM! A real loud bang echoed in the middle of the fucking night. OH COME ON! Could you atleast please shut the damn fucking door nicely! I mean if she does it again and again, I think I'm gonna take the damn door down before everyone in my room section dies from my anger issue. No..I'm serious about it...

You shouldn't disturbed me when I'm sleeping especially when I'm very very very fucking tired. Try and imagine you're in my situation...In my shoes...How the freaking hell would you feel your roommate does that to you every time when you wanted to get some shut eyes =_=

Yey! My friend, Mimi is online we're both chatting online in WhatsApp now even though I'm suppose to do my damn job but of well ahahahah XD Damn hell shit! I really love my freaking damn hell shit life ahaha XD

Welp...I think this is it...Hmmm I think I'm gonna play Counter Strike for a moment before my friends come here and study along side with me =D

Well...Bye guys!!! See you laterzz!!

Good night, Oyasuminasai

Sincerely from The Artist and The Author,

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Hi guys~!

I'm so sorry for not activating my Blog anymore because I'm currently super busy now with my Collage Life. Yeah, I need to settle in in the dorm with my housemates, need to go to classes on time and budgeting. Woah...Seriously, budgeting is freaking hard like hell if the food isn't free like NTS (National Training Service)...Yeah, I'm serious about that guys. I haven't gotten my Food Vouchers yet so it freaking hard like hell to have it .-.

Plus, I'm still in contact with my old mates from my high school years and even met a new mate from America. He's a gentleman but he's personalities are freaking F awesome guys. Seriously. I'm like "Why the hell I didn't met him years earlier!?"

Well..Hmm...What shall we talk about now?

Oh yes! Okay, about tomorrow. I'll be having my Account class at 10 until 1 in the afternoon. Then after that, I'll be having another class that is, CTU, that stands for Man and Religion Class at 4 until 6 in the evening I presume. Well...Because of tomorrow last subject is CTU, I need to wear a Hijab to that class...To look proper for a lady and to my religion as well...I'm so sorry but I'm not religious enough but still, I need to follow orders. So, orders are orders just like they said hahaha XD

Okay...I think that is all for now. Now then, I need my beauty sleep because I'll be fasting tomorrow for the Muslims (that includes me haha!)...So then, I bid you my fellow bloggers farewell for now and thank you so much for reading this ridiculous stuff about my daily life journal...Stuff...Ish...

Okay...Good night, Oyasuminasai~!

Sincerely from The Artist and the Author,

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Hey there people~! :icononionhiplz:



Intro about the artist;
My style are mostly in animes and chibis. Sadly, I cannot do realistic/ very detail background because it is a bit challenging.

If you could, please tell me about your lovely character(s)(obviously you Original Characters), sometimes their story can give me great ideas on how they look like or even their 'auras'.

I only do sketches and digital arts for my works. 

My drawing style;
  • Animes and Chibis

    Types and tools that I use to do my work;
    ~>Traditional Art;
  • Pencil, Pen and Paper(A4 or Sketch paper)

    ~>Digital Art;
  • Photoshop 

    What I CAN draw;
  • Original characters <~ I usually do this type of request
  • Humans, Humanoid, Mermaids, Undead 
  • Fan Arts (but I need reference and the conditions)
  • Dark, Bloody, Gory, Adorable, Fluff, etc...
  • Light yaoi

  • Portraits

    What I CANNOT or DO NOT draw; (sorry about this, folks)
  • Hardcore Yaoi/Yuri,Hentai (So much sexiness :iconnosebleedplz: I may faint from the 'heat' XD)
  • Full robotic body parts (That is very detailed! So, I must decline your request)

  • Clean/clear digital line art (I have a shaky hand =.=")
  • Muscular figures (It is too complicated thus, I cannot once more! )

  • Except for Dogs and Cats (I can't draw other animals.)
  • Detailed portrait/Realism art (Have mercy on my art skills...) :iconhappytearsplz:

    P.S.S I also can or could decline your commission request if I have too with specific reasons of my own but surely, I barely do it so no worries.
  • My 'anime' sketch style 
    ~> Half body frame ( 6  :points: )

    ~> EXTRA 3 :points: for more than ONE character


    ~> Full body frame ( 10 :points: )

    ~> EXTRA 5 :points: for more than ONE character

  • <da:deviation id="471370781" width="287"> <da:deviation id="471372888" width="288">    


  • 'CHIBIFY ME' sketch style ( 3 :points: EACH)
    Colours used ;  :bulletred:RED, :bulletblue:BLUE, :bulletyellow:YELLOW :bulletgreen:GREEN, :bulletblack:BLACK.


    ~> 'CHIBIFY ME' Full Colour Style (5 :points: EACH )




  • My digital art style (I usually only do it in black and white or even it is full coloured, I rarely done the backgrounds):iconrelievedplz:

    ~> Full colour with full body frame ~> (20 :points: EACH) (Both Chibi and anime style)

    ~> Full colour with half body frame ~> (18 :points: EACH) (Both Chibi and anime style)

    ~> Black and White theme with full body frame ~> (15 :points: EACH ) (Both Chibi and Anime style)

    ~> Black and White theme with half body frame ~> (13 :points: EACH) (Both Chibi and Anime Style)

          <da:deviation id="467022793" width="379"><da:deviation id="449756291" width="476"> 

  • Estimated turnaround ;  1 - 2 Weeks (Depending on the detail complex, poses, real-life events, creativity in mind)

  • Send me a NOTE :iconnoteplz:
  • Title it for "COMMISSION REQUEST" (so I know it would be you guys :la: )
  • Give me some details about what you want for your art commission/request.(If there's a reference that would be more great for me to work with!)


    Please fill in this forum for your Commission; (It will only take a few seconds or minutes)

    Character's name:
    Commission type: Anime or Chibi (please choose)
    Instruction : (example: eye color,accessories,scar(if any),tattoo (if any),clothes design etc..)
    Picture reference: (This will help me better if you have it)
    Character description:
    (exp: grumpy/ cheerful/ happy-go-lucky etc...) 

  • Before getting to work, let have some chit-chat about our business together. Don't worry, I am a very friendly little girl. I'm not going to eat you up, I promise that. (It's a thing that I always do before starting my work with my clients)
  • Until I finish working on your art,please be patience for it because it may take awhile to finish the piece.

  • You can only pay me in POINTS
  • I require payment first before I start my work.
  • You can PAY FULL or PAY HALF . If you to choose in paying half, you need to pay me first half price on what Commission you had asked and pay me again when your Commission Art is finished. :iconrightyouareplz: (This only works for high points commissions such as 6 :points: + )
  • You either can click on the Commission button that I've ready place in the Commission Widget or click the "Donate" button on my page to pay for your Commission Art. The "Donate" button I would usually recommend for you guys if you are buying a LOWER THAN 10 POINTS because I've tried to put it on Commission Widget but they won't accept it so I have no choice but to use the old fashion way ^.^" Sorry for that.

  • I may deny your commission requests if some specific reasons are there and I will refund your points back if you had payed me. :iconaloneplz: (But still, I'm nice to complete the job :la: )
  • If you want to check more of my work of arts, you can check out my Gallery for more of my Art style. :la: :iconsmartyplz:

    Happy Commissioning people :la: :iconbaibaiplz: