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Hey there guys and gals~!

Woah! I've reached 5,000+ Pageviews on my Blog?! That's so cool! :icononionx3plz: Even though you guys didn't comment anything just passing by or just reading my materials and stuff, thanks for all the support just a big hit on the Pageviews. I couldn't manage to get that much pageview if it weren't for you guys~! So Thank you so much for this lovely and sincere gift for me :icononionx3plz:

And also it is almost Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Wah! I can't wait to celebrate it ~

Berlalulah sudah ramadan sebulan berpuasa
Tiba syawal kita rayakan dengan rasa gembira
Anak muda di rantauan semuanya pulang ke desa
Ibu dan ayah keriangan bersyukur tak terkira

Kuih dan muih beranika macam 
Makanlah jangan hanya di pandang
Ketupat rendang sila nikmati kawan
Penat memasak malam ke pagi

Wajik dan dodol jangan lupakan
Peninggalan nenek zaman berzaman
Asyik bersembang pakcik dan makcik
Hai duit raya lupa nak di beri

Bertukar senyuman dan salam ziarah-menziarahi
Tutur dan kata yang sopan saling memaafi
Suasana hari raya walau di mana pun jua
Memberikan ketenangan dan mententeramkan jiwa


But it is so weird when I heard the new Version of this song I wanted to cry XD

Maybe it's because all of my brothers are now away until the 3rd of Raya(their celebrating with their other parents), then they will come back with their wives...Yeah, this is the first time I would be celebrating Hari Raya alone with only my parents by my side...Q-Q And beside from that, I'm starting to watch sad commercial about Hari Raya *cries thousand of tears* Oh gosh why am I crying for the jolly and happy holiday  
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Hey there guys~!

I'm now doing some Art Requests from my friends at school and also doing it online for a lovely stranger =w= So in total, you could say I'm doing like 3 or 4 requests for now OwO Woah! This is the first time I have this much requests for a few months now and I don't know whether to be happy or stressed out by the requests XD

But seriously, I'm enjoying myself doing it because I could finally draw something again QwQ Yeyy~!

But the bad thing is....I HAVE LIKE DOZEN OF HOMEWORKS!!! :iconorzplz: And I have to complete it in this holidays (I'm having a week of Holiday for Hari Raya) before the school starts to open again. I've finished my Chemistry so, I need to finish MATH, ADD MATH and BIOLOGY and also History Paper 1 with 3 sets before the actual holiday comes up so I can enjoy my time relaxing :icononistressplz:

Anyway, I almost forgot to say this too...

I CAN'T FREAKING POST ANY PICTURES OF MY DRAWINGS IN BOTH TUMBLR AND DEVIANART OR EVEN IN THIS BLOG!! Why is that?! Is there a glitch happening right now or something? Please do freaking fix this before I throw away this freaking Laptop to the ground and stomp on it mercilessly and then buy another one to satisfy my freaking anger. Yes, I'm now using Tekhino, my Laptop. So that means my Laptop is also my OC. If this Laptop dies, then Tekhino as well would be dead. You have 2 choices and choose it wisely...*glares deadly to the screen*

Well, I'm going to sleep because it's already way pass my freaking bedtime and I have to wake up again at 3 in the morning. So...Good night for now.

Bye bye~!

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Hey there guys~!

How was your day, today? 

I'm fine, thanks for asking by the way. Haha. Now I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm still having a slight bit of a problem with the drawings things. Well, it's nothing much but it's just that I really wanted to do a Commission on but I'm just too afraid to do so because of my unskillful art quality and skills that I have within me.

I know people would not pay for my Commission because of my art skills because it looks amateur and rough. But I really do wanted to do it even though my fear prevented me from doing so. Just like a quote said "If you fail...Make sure you fail in the things that you love to do because that...Would make you achieve more".

Well...That is all I wanted to say for now. You know, I just wanted to shout it out loud so I won't be too much frustrated with my hobby work. Hehehe :icondignitylaughplz:

But still..This ain't over because it still lingers in my mind to think about this curiosity of doing some freaking Commissions with users of Internet people ewe

The reasons why I barely do Commissions/Art Trades/Art Requests in R.L :iconguaahplz:

1) People who do not know anime art or does not APPRECIATE arts critic like they are more skillful on making it.

My answer to them: "Well if you think my art is bad, why don't you do it yourself? Then, we will compare it who is more uglier."

2) Perfection is something they wanted to own but asking something nonsense to make the image perfect...? Well...I don't see what's the point on doing it perfectly if your asking it to be nonsense in the first place.

3) Asking for it at the wrong time and place. 

My answer: I usually would receive requests at school by friends when the classes are in still in session and let me tell you something...I DON"T LIKE PEOPLE TALKING OR BABBLING TO ME WHEN THE FREAKING TEACHER IS TEACHING IN FRONT! ...Unless it was Accounting Class, then I can do my work.

4) Staring/ Gazes of the people around. I hate that.

5) Noises.

6) Distractions.

7) Intolerant friend. The one who would just yank your sketch book away from you without asking the permission from you and just said up to your face "I don't want you to draw." even it was the right time to draw.

8) People seating beside me.

9) Stress and pressure around me at school.

10) Teachers wandering about.

Yeah...And there would be more alot to come after I update it tomorrow. So see yah!