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Hey there people ~!

Sorry if I haven't update any news about myself lately. Well, lets just say I'm really getting busier more than ever with this work I have and then this upcoming exam that is NEXT WEEK...Yeah, I'm kind of pretty busy right now ^^"

Seems that I can't enjoy my fun time anymore like I used to Q_Q Uhuhuhu! Well, anyway. How was your day guys? I hope you're having a blast on this fun time Monday ^^...Ah, jeez, who gives a shisser about Mondays anyways. I think the most fun part in a week is Friday because I can enjoy my time by sleeping and caring nothing to the world as I know tomorrow would be an upcoming Saturday =w=

But but but! I think I wanna tell you guys something ewe Yeah! Something that would make you guys go real crazy about it. No no no, it's not a comic nor any drawings. But....It's going to be.....A....Writing! Yes, you've guess it! A writing indeed.

Why am I going back to writing you might ask?

Well, as you can see. My brain now decides me to write and to draw. So, after I have done all of my arts business, I think I'm up for writing now just to keep my skills back in place again :D But this time, I'm not going to write a horror story, no!! I'm going to write am adventure and fantasy story that I've always wanted to make after playing the games that I've bought few months ago =w= And seriously, I think you guys will also like it when it is finally finish :D

Welp, I think I'm going to bed now because you see, it's getting quite late and I really hate to stay up (even though I really love to when it comes to gaming) but I really need my focus for tomorrow's lesson. That is, Biology and History...But most of it is for History~ =w=

So, good night and farewell for now ~!

The Artist.
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Many wonder (especially my family) why am I becoming an Artist more than ever. Well, it's because I don't know how to express myself more other than drawing or writing things on papers and in my trustful laptop. Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but the reason I become an Artist is because I want to run away from this world. I want to run away from reality and live with my characters in their world. I want to feel free, not chained and bound by the pressure and stress of this world. But then again, who am I to change it for I am only a humble puny mortal with no potential in me. Sometimes, I am very upset as I always fail to draw what I want. It is because I want to perfect my world..My own realm so my characters would be happy but that wouldn't happen if I couldn't do the most amazing arts that I've seen so far. No...My journey is still far off from the people that I've seen...The talents that I've seen with my own eyes, maybe one day...I would become like one of them and be a true artist as I could draw everything that I could have imagine or seen with my eyes. And that, my fellow Devians, is why I want to become an Artist. To escape the reality but also to change the world around me with beautiful arts.
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Okay, after doing some research on why can't I post my comic, it's because that the RAM were still too big so I changed the image size and va'la~! I can finally post it eheheheeh >w< I'm so happy yet again that I can finally post my artwork QwQ *shred in tears of joy* Ohoho I thought I had to split it into to parts but now you guys can read them in one piece :la: ~! 

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