Sunday, May 10, 2015 | 18:57 | 0 comments

Hmm...Imma think I'm going to open up my "Chibify Me" cheap points commission again I think because I have nothing else to do than watching TV, surf the Internet (now almost 24/7 yet again) and some evening cat nap eheehe. So yeah. I think I'm going to open it again :D ~!
Thursday, May 7, 2015 | 21:54 | 0 comments

Here there people~!

Tomorrow I'm going to check my UPU stuff like that and I'm going to brace of impact of the "deadly" news for every wannabe Uni students. So..Yeah.

Okay, for my cheap chibi commission. It has reach it awesome limits and I now have closed it down for a moment because it has reach the maximum number (that is 5) and I really need a break from drawing someone else's character for a while because lets just be honest here, I need a break because I'll be a bit full in this end of the week and the next. 

Then after that, I think I'll be flying back to my hometown, Kuching before the registration date arrives plus I need to get ready soo...Yeah..I'm so going to need some courage to get used to there. Yup~! I may meet new and some of my old friends hahaha. You'll never know right?

Just like in NTS..I made new friends there and feel awesome to meet them plus I even learn  how to survive on myself. Being away from my parents made me a bit matured in thinking and actions around me because lets face it. This world is not cut out for kids but if you have limitless imagination like a kid, you'll make the world a greater place to live in because imagination created the world around us now. so yeah...Oh and don't forget about hard work too! THAT THING IS LIKE MAGIC WHEN YOU COMBINE WITH YOUR PLANS AND IMAGINATION!

Well..I think I'm going to surrender to the sleepiness of me. So I think this is a good night from me and I thank you for whoever watches me in DevianART , Tumblr and Instagram. Guys, thank you so much for supporting me! I love you all~!

Sincerely from The Artist,
Tuesday, May 5, 2015 | 11:38 | 0 comments

Hey there~!

I'm so sorry for not having any news all this week because my hands were full with events and art commissions and stuff. But finally today~! I'm free from any requests that I'm bound to so I'm gonna try to make an 500 x 500 icon or 50 x 50 icon for myself XD 

Oh this will be very fun indeed~!