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Haruko Yamamoto (OC) © Xin Yuan

Mermaid drawing © :iconmasako12: masako12 /ZaRinA

This was done during an Art Trade with Xin Yuan at school during school hours but I had to bring my work home because I didn't have the time to make the mermaid. Yes, I made the mermaid, and I know it looks bad especially the damn face...I still can't do the 2 eyes! Arghhh! ...Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy seeing this. 

If you want to do an Art Trade with me, I'm fine with it because I still have 4 more empty slots! Please visit this website for more information on what you should know about doing an Art Trade with me. Don't worry, the instruction is very simple because it was done by a simple and lazy person that is me.

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