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Hey there guys~!

How was your day, today? 

I'm fine, thanks for asking by the way. Haha. Now I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm still having a slight bit of a problem with the drawings things. Well, it's nothing much but it's just that I really wanted to do a Commission on but I'm just too afraid to do so because of my unskillful art quality and skills that I have within me.

I know people would not pay for my Commission because of my art skills because it looks amateur and rough. But I really do wanted to do it even though my fear prevented me from doing so. Just like a quote said "If you fail...Make sure you fail in the things that you love to do because that...Would make you achieve more".

Well...That is all I wanted to say for now. You know, I just wanted to shout it out loud so I won't be too much frustrated with my hobby work. Hehehe :icondignitylaughplz:

But still..This ain't over because it still lingers in my mind to think about this curiosity of doing some freaking Commissions with users of Internet people ewe

The reasons why I barely do Commissions/Art Trades/Art Requests in R.L :iconguaahplz:

1) People who do not know anime art or does not APPRECIATE arts critic like they are more skillful on making it.

My answer to them: "Well if you think my art is bad, why don't you do it yourself? Then, we will compare it who is more uglier."

2) Perfection is something they wanted to own but asking something nonsense to make the image perfect...? Well...I don't see what's the point on doing it perfectly if your asking it to be nonsense in the first place.

3) Asking for it at the wrong time and place. 

My answer: I usually would receive requests at school by friends when the classes are in still in session and let me tell you something...I DON"T LIKE PEOPLE TALKING OR BABBLING TO ME WHEN THE FREAKING TEACHER IS TEACHING IN FRONT! ...Unless it was Accounting Class, then I can do my work.

4) Staring/ Gazes of the people around. I hate that.

5) Noises.

6) Distractions.

7) Intolerant friend. The one who would just yank your sketch book away from you without asking the permission from you and just said up to your face "I don't want you to draw." even it was the right time to draw.

8) People seating beside me.

9) Stress and pressure around me at school.

10) Teachers wandering about.

Yeah...And there would be more alot to come after I update it tomorrow. So see yah!


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It's has been a long time since I updated my blog in here .w." I'm sorry for making it so long but I'm too busy with studying now...Yes studying, you heard it right...I NOW have to study so I can get good grades for my next exam that is on 25th October 2014.

Crazy, right?

I know, I know but the school is like a prison. You HAVE to obey the rules or you'll get thrown into the prison cell or worst...Meet your execution day earlier =.="

Bah! I hate to talk about it anymore. 

Now, I'm tired after doing some freaking shopping spree with my family. So..I think I'm going to drop dead on the bed now. 

So, I'll see you guys and gals later, okay?

Good night and SWEET NIGHT DREAMS~!

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I'm learning my favourite foreign language that are German and Italian..I think I would take Romanian as well but until then, I need to understand first the German language. The mother of all the languages that I happen to love for no reason XD But the problem is that I sometimes get really freaking confuse with "Esse" with "Isst" and "Trinkt" with "Trinke" . Is there like Grammar in there? Because when I saw the description from the "Esse", it says that "Is eating" if I was not mistaken. 

So...Yeah..Both of the words sounds almost the same but carries out different Grammar meaning e-e...Okay...This is a little bit hard to consume in XD


Even though you haven't seen my art for a few days, please don't worry about it because I'm doing it in paper rather than in Digital for now because if I do it in Digital, and my mom just walk in into my room without knocking and seeing me with my Tablet, she would then told me to study and continues on with other stuff that would be very important for my future life.

So to avoid that kind of thing happen, I do almost all of the sketches at school. Because on this week, almost the whole week I have to stay late at school until like 3.30 or 5.00 p.m like that. Yeah, it sure does tires me but what can I do? My schedule is now freaking filled up until I can't even sleep peaceful at night anymore. :iconorzplz:

I really hate BIG EXAMS because why? Because they will try to freak you out until your soul is out from your body without you even noticing it...Yeah..I'm having my freaking SPM this year :icondesperateplz: and somehow I have a hard time studying Add Math and Biology for no freaking reasons! Gah! :iconheadacheplz: :icondestroyplz: 

Lolz, I know some of you guys are thinking right now like "If you're having BIG EXAMS, why are you studying those languages?" 

Good question. Why you might ask? Because if I entered some courses in any University they would ask you to take foreign languages class (especially those who takes Business course, they really need some knowledge in other language to succeed their business in other countries.) and I would like to say, I better prepare the freaking basics before I just stare up at the teacher and say "Whaaaaaaa?"

Seriously, at some point my brain can still understand what you're saying but if I'm not in the good condition...Well, I hope you would not kill me if I do something stupid after hearing your talk or instructions. XD

Okay, it's late and tomorrow I have to wake up early again...So...I think I'm going to crash out for now. See you guys later~! 

Buh-bye~! :iconbaibaiplz:

:iconwarmandcomfyplz: Good night~