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Hey ya! Sorry for not logging so long! I've soo busy with schoolwork and life and more..Welp..You know I am back!
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“Run! Get out of here! Go!” 

“No! Don’t leave me! Big brother!”

“Go! I’ll be right behind you!”

“Ahhhh! Big brother behind you!”



~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*The Present Time~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

The world is at its end and what can I say more about that anyways. It happens, just in the matter of time. Corrupted humans blaming one another for their own idiotic doings, accusing one another of such disaster to happened. Now no one can blame them because now...Everyone is dead, well not technically everyone. The people who still survived the apocalyptic virus infection fought for their lives now and then to admit they really survive living their lives. Me? I’m just the same as them. Fighting for survival to live another day.

What was used to be my glorious hometown, the City of Cats is now abandon and hollow? Dead to me, leaving only pieces of memories wherever I went. Because of that deadly infectious virus that had stricken my city, everyone I knew is gone.Now, only their hollow, soulless bodies wondering the dead streets searching for new hosts and living humans also known food to their ‘dead’ brains.

I wondered in the empty streets along with a red metallic bat in left hand as I turned my direction and went into a convenient store, pushing the door open with my other hand. The store looked chaotic as the food cans, packages were everywhere lying on the floor. The people must have been in a hurry to get what they needed I thought and walked along the messy shelves to search for food. Hell, I am so hungry right now that I could even maybe turn into a cannibal myself without getting infected with the virus. But I’m not taking any chances unless needed to.

While I was searching for my favourite canned soup, something gently nudged my lower back making me tensed up. Taking it as a threat, I tightly grip onto my bat and swing the bat as hard as I might as I turned but only to be stopped by a clawed hand. The thing is hideous, its face was hidden by the dark shadow cast from the oversize worn out hoodie which it is wearing, making only its sharp dagger like bloodied teeth shows as it growls lowly to me. Oh hell, I am so much in trouble right now.

The creature growls low and hisses more to my face as it pulls my bat off from my hand and goes nearer to my face. Smelling its breath is not a laughing gag because it stinks like hell. God, what the hell did this thing eat before meeting me by some kind of chance.

“U-Umm...A-Am I in t-trouble?” I lowly stutter to the creature. Hearing it growls more loudly, I take it as a ‘yes’ and stare at it with a frightening expression.

The creature growls and hisses more as it pulls out something from one of its pocket pants and held out its hand to me. Looking at the device it offering it seems to look like an ordinary earphone plugs strap to some kind of microchip. Weird but...Okay?

The creature somehow insists me to take it as it growls and hisses more. Without arguing, I cautiously take the device and wears it as I could hear a soft buzzing coming from the microchip. What is thing trying to tell me and why isn’t it trying to eat me or attack me already like the rest of its kind!

The creature tilts its head and growls deeply as I somehow could hear someone’s voice talking to me. A man voice might I added to your liking.

“Y---F----Finally! I found you, you idiot!” the voice shouted in my ears. Where in the world! Is this a recording!?

I turned my head quickly to find whose voice was it because I know or knew who’d it belonged to. It belonged to my dear brother. But it can’t be him! No! This isn’t making any sense to me at all!

“B-Big brother? I-Is that you? H-How am I---”

“Surprised? I know...It’s okay now. I’m here.”

“Here!?” I echoed him and snorted.

“Excuse me but I got a Hunter sticking up to my face here, thank you very much. Yeah right. ‘I’m here’...Don’t lie....Please...” I murmur as dark memories overflow me, making me remember the day I saw my brother being attacked to death by those things just so he could save me.

The creature in front of me starts to whimper as stands to my tall and gently place its clawed hand onto my head like my brother used to do.

“I’m sorry for leaving you all alone dear sister...” the voice speaks only now in a sad tone.

I could only reply it with silence until I noticed the Hunter was close enough to me and patted me on my head gently. What the hell!? Jumping back from its action, I stared at the Hunter with wide eyes as I slowly backed away from it.

“B-Big brother...I-Is that...Y-You’re...A...A...H-H---”

“Hunter? Sadly am.” replies the voice quickly as I look at the Hunter as it crouch down to its crawling position and crawls slowly to me as it drags my bat with its mouth. Placing it down just right in front of me and growls short but deep making me hear my brother’s voice again now saying “Take this.”

Following his command, I take the bat in my hand and stare at the Hunter for a moment before attacking it with my mighty hug attack. The Hunter squirms in my hold as I bury my face in its worn and stinky hoodie.

“I’ve missed you, big brother...”

“Missed you too fuzzball.” my brother said to me as he hugs me back gently with his clawed hands.

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