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Hello there fellow friends and awesome fans!

Yes! I am back from my death from the graves~! I'm actually pleased that I can go to my blog again after for so long~ And you know what excites me more other than Internet?


You see, I've been picked to participate in NTS or PLKN so I really can't wait to go for it...That is..Well..One tiny ity bity thing...I don't like the idea of wearing Tudong, I don't mean to offence you but when doing sports stuff I rarely wear it because I don't like it getting dirty. I don't mind wearing it to religious matter but not in activites. Nope..That's a no for me....*sighs* I wish they would loose the edge a bit about wearing it. I HOPE!!

Peace out, I'm going to play some games then draw something now. See ya later~!

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Hey there guys!

Sorry for not updating the blog once in a while but I'm in a tight spot here you see. Today is the third day of SPM and tomorrow is the forth day of SPM and well...It is a really BIG and IMPORTANT exam that I REALLY need to SUCCEED in it for my future life.

So..I really need to do my best in it and I really want to score big like doing the best and hardest like gaming. Yeah...I actually taking this SPM like gaming and I have set the difficulty to Hard...Not Hardcore...But still, enjoying the days after the exam is over like nothing had ever happened in my life. Yeah...

I'm feeling very tired and itchy now. So..I think I really need to sleep but my inner artistic self tells me to stay awake for a moment until I finish sketch / doddle or possibly draw something to ease it satisfaction for the hunger of art. Yeah, sometimes I really don't get it why I only struck by art inspiration when I want to go to bed =-="...It's very weird....Haish! And now I feel half asleep and slowly I'm feeling awake again..Darn...And I'm on my China Town Flag today~!

....Hell broke loose...=_=.....Ahh..I don't feel so comfortable when I'm still 'fresh' to the days...It feels wet and stickeh! Welp, I need to sleep. So, good night guys.

I'll see you when I have the time to re-update again~!

Good night!


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Hey there people! I'm just going to post my What To Do List here because I don't know why but I think I'm addicting on making it for no reason XD


~> Mel K-pop Fandom (ON HOLD)

~> Shiea random character (ON HOLD)




~> Half sketch holding a rose in hand BY Rafaella (WORKING)

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