Friday, July 31, 2015 | 23:23 | 0 comments

Hey there guys~!

Masako12 here and I'm just gonna say I really miss writing to you guys~! PLus it seems that there's kid somehow have a crush on me now~ Wooo! Big score for me !!! Woop!

And tomorrow, around almost noon, we'll be watching movie together yet again..Yes again. He did this before few weeks ago~!

I didn't wanna tell him that I secretly like him too so I just keep quiet and be myself in front of him and be like awesome girl I am! Woop! But some of my friends notice it so yeah...Being with my girlfriends we were look "Oh my gosh! He likes you GAL!!"yeah...That kind of stuff~

Hmmm, It seems here that internet here sucks if you're in the MS sometimes =_= Fucking shitty Internet....HAISH!! I freaking F hate it so much that I couldn't even HACK it to make it go faster and I was like "WHY INTERNET WHY!?" yeaahh...


I think I'm going to go up to my dorm now because it's running late and I can barely see any girl down in the MS anymore except for the ones with their "Bae" so yeah...I think I'm just gonna end my awesome life Journal here for today and I hope I can write like this again in other time :3


Buh bye~!

Masako12 Also Known as Erich Now ~!!!
Thursday, July 23, 2015 | 02:17 | 0 comments

Hey there fellow Bloggers! How are you today?

Yeah! I'm happy to see you guys too~! >w< It's been a while since I do this kind of stuff so I apologise for being such a retard person for not updating my status much like I used to O^O

I had this crazy week in Miri when it was first day of Syawal, meaning of course first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri~! Me and my parents flew there around 7pm after we checked-in our luggage into the plane's cargo =w= 

Anyway,enough of my awesome adventure story. Lets talk about something else...Like...Oh! I have a weird idea that I somehow want to create another awesome adventuring story :D

Well, I don't want to reveal the plot just yet but I'll give you guys a little sneak peek once I found my passion and inspiration again writing. Plus, I'm really afraid I might lose my own unique writing skills O_O OMG! I HOPE I HAVEN"T! FUUUU

Hmmm...Yeah..I think that's all for now because I'm running out of words to say and yes, it's like 1 am something now...So..Okay..Good night and have a nice and awesome day people~! See you guys again! Buh buyyeee!!

The Artist
Thursday, June 25, 2015 | 20:49 | 0 comments

Hey there guys~!

I'm back from the dead mwhahahaa! Haaaa..Nah, I'm just joking around about that hahah XD I'm actually right now still in my Collage (YES I FREAKING LIVE THERE!) and....Is uhh..In this room that call 24 Hour Room for the students of the Collage or University to study up late at night so they won't bother their roommates or even their housemates to be in fact.

Well..After going to class at 10 in the morning until 5 something like that. I was well...Hmmm...Feel awesome but then again my roommate always slams the door when she shuts it and some fucking how...It annoys me...Yes...Especially when I was awesomely sleeping then suddenly...BAM! A real loud bang echoed in the middle of the fucking night. OH COME ON! Could you atleast please shut the damn fucking door nicely! I mean if she does it again and again, I think I'm gonna take the damn door down before everyone in my room section dies from my anger issue. No..I'm serious about it...

You shouldn't disturbed me when I'm sleeping especially when I'm very very very fucking tired. Try and imagine you're in my situation...In my shoes...How the freaking hell would you feel your roommate does that to you every time when you wanted to get some shut eyes =_=

Yey! My friend, Mimi is online we're both chatting online in WhatsApp now even though I'm suppose to do my damn job but of well ahahahah XD Damn hell shit! I really love my freaking damn hell shit life ahaha XD

Welp...I think this is it...Hmmm I think I'm gonna play Counter Strike for a moment before my friends come here and study along side with me =D

Well...Bye guys!!! See you laterzz!!

Good night, Oyasuminasai

Sincerely from The Artist and The Author,