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Hey guys and girls! Good morning to you all!

Yeah, today I'm updating my blog early in the morning! Hahaha! Isn't that fun and great? Fuu~ After eating some delicious food for breakfast I think I can start my day just fine and more healthier ~! Isn't that just wonderful~? 

Anyway, I think I'm gonna do another new blog because lets just face it...I think I can really sell out my hobby after all! I MEAN LOOK AT IT! It looks wonderful isn't it? So Yeah..I think I need a new blog that just focuses on my art commissions and requests that would be nice right? Yeah..So..Okay..I think I'm gonna find some blog skins for now. See yah~! 

Bubble (Trial) by masako12   William T. Spear (Art Request Complete!) by masako12 Portrait of my friend, Siti~! by masako12     Surreal sketch train #1 by masako12

Sincerely The Artist,
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Hello there fine people! 

How are you today? Good? I'm doing fine here, thank you for asking (or not =AO ) 

Anyways, I think I would be opening my Points Commissions again because just lets face it. I'm easily bored when it comes to doing nothing but sitting around and watching TV or doing boring stuff with my Laptop. Yeah, even though I was a hardcore gamer once. It all changed when I was sent off to PLKN that CHANGED my lifestyle (barely and rarely) LITERALLY!

I now don't have the URGE to play video games when I see it infront of my eyes...Yes, even Assassin's Creed begin to slip from field of gaming visions. Oh...How terrified and terrible my states are when I'm not playing them (because they WERE MY LIFE) and now..I'm hallow in the inside of my mind and heart. Asking and begging for the answers blind folded by the lies that have blinded my eyes with the REALITIES around me. Especially the cruel ones! OH MY GLOB! That was shitting fucking killer to my happy mood but now that I am a bit aware of my "surroundings" I think I can manage it myself now =w= So no worries about it~!

But the only thing I'm worrying about now is that my cellphone can't somehow read offline like my old cellphone does and that fucking upsets me up! I mean come on bitch! My old Malaysian made phone is fucking way better than this fucking brand that I bought (SAMSUNG V5) ....The fuck with this shitty stuff UHG!

Anyway, it's late and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Yeah, EARLY...Just like I said it. So good night~!

Sincerely The Artist,
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Hello there!

Well, today's the day that both of my parents went back to Kuching while I, myself is still here in Miri. Oh, don't worry about me, I'm fine being myself (because I'm used to it by now because of PLKN) and besides that, I still have my oldest brother and his beloved wife, also my sister-in-law along with me! And I'm not forgetting about my awesome Aunt who always cooks something delicious for me and fatten me up somehow XD Oh Glob, I think I need to lay low for the fatty foods for now because I'm getting big again! O_O YIKES!

I don't wanna be fat! NO!!! Not again!

Okay..I think I'll go to sleep now. So good night guys!

P.S Soundtracks from Rogue is awsome! I just love the violins and cabaret and stuff! OMG!