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Hi there guys ~!

How was your Sunday? Was it great, good, average, bad, worse or disaster? To me, it was any typical average days I've in my 17 years. The day goes by and the next day is like another repeat of the things that is going on around you. Life is like a circle and a cycle in death and life term.

I wish my day was very extra ordinary so I won't be like sulking or daydreaming always (usually in class). It's not very healthy when you always sulks you know. It's VERY depressing! Uhhgg! I wish I could do something in my life that would my living on this Earth worth it. 

Maybe I should be like the characters that I admire in the gaming worlds. Like Altair Ibn La-Ahad, Malik Al- Asyaf, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Leonardo Da Vinci, Haytham Kenway, Rathonhakedon / Connor Kenway, Edward Kenway (The grandfather of Connor and the father of Haytham). Or even Arno Dorian and Shay. *siiiiiggghhhh*

I know people would tell me that I'm crazy but seriously, if you are in my shoes right now. You would know how I really REALLY feel ever since I was a little girl. I'm alone. I don't have friends. At school, I was always bullied and teased (because I was more fucking pretty than them haha!) and I was isolated from the people of my age at that time. I really hate people...I don't know why but I really do hate them very much. I wish the bad people would go away and I would live happily and peacefully in this world. 

But...That would never happen because if that would happen..Then I would too disappear from this world as I myself also hold the evil within me.

Okay, okay enough about my feelings for now. Now lets talk about the things for tomorrow like usual.


Tomorrow is like 25 August 2014 right?

So, I would just like to say that....

ASSASSIN CREED UNITY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW!!! ARGGHHHHHH!!!! *faints in excitement* OMG! I couldn't wait for tomorrow and check it out on gaming store to see if there is Unity!

And the bad news for tomorrow is I have exam...for 3 weeks....So....I would like to say....I WOULD DIE.....ARRGGHHHHHH!! *hits face on desk a few times and types again* But atleast the Assassins will help me out (in my imagination world) by supporting me in doing the exams QwQ...Omg...They are so nice TWT

Well, it's almost 10. I think I'm going to shut myself off night. Good night people~! Sweet dreaams! And happy gaming for the gamers out there who are reading this piece of shiz blog XD

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Hey there guys ~!

I'm back and I'm so sorry if I didn't update anything for a few weeks or days now because my Laptop had been taken away and I had to borrow my friend's to do this kind of thing. Good thing her mother lend this to me with an open and welcoming heart to help me in distress QwQ Such a very kind mother, may the God bless her life. Amen.

Okay, enough of the praying for MH 17 and MH 370 and the mother. Time to get into business.

I'm now officially opening Points Commissions in DevianART and to tell you the truth it was my first time and I almost flip myself because I was freaking hellish scared because...I don't know. Meh. Anyway, while typing this on my blog, I'm now listening to Woodkid 2013 The Golden Age Album. To tell you the truth, I never knew some of their songs are awesome especially for Assassin Creed games and fans >w< Gosh! I feel like I'm very happy now because I can finally hear them TwT It's been a while since I haven't heard their songs TwT I missed them so much QwQ

Well, I'm now feeling like shiz because I don't know what to do. Oh wait, I still need to finish the Art Request by my friend. Alright, I'll finish it today because tomorrow me and my friend, Sya, going to do some freaking hellish study for this Monday's exam's week QwQ

So, I'll see you guys later then~!


Zie J.
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Hey there guys~!

I'm back from KL few days later but I'm to tired to post it so sorry heheh. You must know how much tired I was, carrying the beg pack on my back while pushing the things that I've brought for the trip. Seriously the trip was really tiring but fun...Sometimes =-="...

Anyway, I just wanted to say to you guys that I've made another sketch from other people Assassin Creed's OC, Autumn-Fest. I'd sketched her ACOC, Foka with my ACOC (that I still didn't give a name to her and him, yes I have 2 Assassins OCs) in chibi mod and guess what? She loved it ~! Hurraaayyy ~!!!!

I'm so glad she loved it because I thought it looked ugly XD Oh my gosh, I don't know what came to me to make me think like that owo"

Well, I think I'm going to play The Sims 3 for now =w= See you guys later for another update =w=